“Great ministry doesn’t just happen.” -Rich Curran

2018 has been a year of change and new adventures. I launched my new platform here at JohnRinaldo.com, I started working at Santa Clara University as an Adjunct Lecturer, and I’ve moved my family to a whole new city and state, leaving behind everything we know. God knows how to keep things exciting!

So why stop now?!?!

I am excited to announce that, effective immediately, I will be joining the team at the Parish Success Group. Executive Director Rich Curran and I have been in conversations for months about making this a reality and I am excited to be on the team serving as a Parish Coach and Consultant.

The Parish Success Group realizes that successful ministry is an intentional act and that getting a parish to grow and thrive is no easy task. The Parish Success Group gives parish ministers the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome the challenges facing our parishes and build a great ministry. We do this by providing Hands-On Success Training and Custom Catholic Ministry Coaching.

As part of this ministry, I will continue to bring to reality my own personal mission “to help ministry leaders do Church better.”

I am thankful for the opportunity to partner with Rich Curran and I am excited to start this new adventure in my ministry.

I will continue to use www.JohnRinaldo.com as my personal platform to post and share content and resources and I will continue my weekly podcast with Chris Wesley at www.TheChurchPodcast.org. My relationship with Santa Clara University will also continue, where I serve as an Adjunct Lecturer in the Graduate Program for Pastoral Ministry.

For more information about The Parish Success Group, please visit www.ParishSuccessGroup.com.